Does ice help pimples?

If you’re a fan of gua sha sculpting tools and crystal facial rollers, chances are, you’re already familiar with ice globes — refrigerated facial tools made to apply ice to the skin. If you’re wondering — "Is rubbing ice on your face good?" — the answer is yes. And the even better news, is that you don’t need an ice globe to do so.

Icing your pimples can help to temporarily relieve pain and redness surrounding them. Because skin icing promotes the drainage of excess fluids from the skin’s lymphatic system and constricts the skin’s blood vessels, it also helps reduce pain and swelling.

So what exactly does ice do to your face? Ahead, we take a deep dive into the benefits of using ice, how it helps minimize the appearance of pores, and of course, examine if there are any risks to icing pimples.

Now, let’s get into those awesome skin icing benefits, shall we?

Benefits of using ice

So, what exactly does ice do to your face? A whole lot of good actually — the cold temperature from ice cubes causes blood to rise beneath the surface of the skin and drain excess fluids from the skin’s lymphatic system. As a result, this leads to a host of skin benefits. More on this below:

  • Skin icing helps reduce pain, swelling, and puffiness

    For starters, skin icing reduces pain, swelling, and puffiness. After all, we do know that icing an injury can help reduce swelling, and the same concept applies to the skin.

  • Skin icing can make pores look smaller

    Next, skin icing also can help minimize the appearance of pores — as ice helps constrict blood vessels, temporarily reducing the appearance of pores.

    That said, be mindful that skin icing is not a permanent fix. Pores can’t be shrunk in size, but icing can offer temporary relief.

  • Does skin icing help acne?

    While icing can be helpful in providing temporary relief in reducing swelling, and discomfort surrounding pimples, it’s important to ensure you have a sound skincare regimen that can help keep your acne and breakouts under control.

How to use ice on different body parts and acne

Because facial icing only requires some ice and a paper towel, it’s an inexpensive beauty hack that can easily be used on the face, chest, and back areas.

To ice your skin safely, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel, and then apply it onto a blemish for a few minutes at a time.

Risks of icing pimples

While facial icing is generally safe, it’s important not to leave ice cubes on the skin too long, as it can cause frostbite.

Similarly, there are some individuals that should exercise caution when using ice on the skin. If you’re unsure how your skin will tolerate skin icing, always consult with your dermatologist before trying it yourself.


If you are looking for a beauty hack that is inexpensive, facial icing might just be the pick-me-up you’re after.

From easing tenderness of painful pimples to temporarily minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores, icing does have some skin benefits. Just be mindful — skin icing is a temporary fix and not a permanent solution for skin issues.