Facial cleansing brushes

Facial cleansing brushes are all the rage — and for good reason — as they can be a super helpful tool in your skincare routine. In this investigation of facial cleansing brushes and their popularity, we’ll take a look at what a facial cleansing brush is, its benefits, its effects when used during acne breakouts as well as special considerations to take note of for different skin types. With a better understanding of what facial cleansing brushes are and how they may work for your skin, you can make an informed decision about which facial cleansing brush will give you the results you’re looking for.

What are facial cleansing brushes?

Facial cleansing brushes are handheld cleansing tools with brushes or bristles that usually vibrate or rotate to help you thoroughly clean your face. You may have seen tools that have a back and forth motion and others that have bristles that spin in a circle.

The specific positioning, look, feel and motion of the brush will vary from brand to brand, but the purpose of the brush is to gently exfoliate and keep your pores clean — in a more effective way than your hands alone can.

There are so many options available now, but what’s most important is how effective it is.

Some facial cleansing brushes come with a timer that automatically shuts the brush off after a preset period of time, similar to many electric toothbrushes currently on the market. The timer can allow a more regular cleansing and helps prevent overbrushing.

Are facial cleansing brushes beneficial for all skin types?

The short answer is yes. Almost all skin types can benefit from the use of a facial cleansing brush in some form. What will differ between type is how often you should use the brush, how hard you should press into your skin while brushing and how long you should use the brush in one sitting. Finding the right pressure level, frequency and length for you is vital, as overuse can lead to irritation and underuse can prevent you from experiencing all the benefits.

Normal skin: If your skin isn’t oversensitive, you can use facial cleansing brushes about once ever other day. Your dermatologist may recommend slightly more or less depending on your specific skin.

Dry skin: For dry skin, you should be careful not to overuse a facial cleansing brush. The exfoliating effect from the brush can further dry out your skin, especially if used more than once or twice a week. It should go without saying, but one of the best things for dry skin is a powerful moisturizer. This is extra important when introducing a facial cleansing brush to the routine to counteract any drying caused by the brushing. However, with a proper plan for moisturization, even dry skin can feel the benefits of an occasional cleansing brush.

Oily skin: Oily skin can benefit from more frequent use of a facial cleansing brush, even as often as daily. Your skin’s natural oil actually protects against the drying effect of brushing.

Combination skin: Combination skin requires paying attention to the different dry areas to prevent overbrushing that can lead to irritation. It’s tough to say exactly how frequently is right for you to use the facial cleansing brush, since it will depend on the prevalence and intensity of dry areas. A good place to start is with a few times a week, but you may be able to brush every other day if you aren’t experiencing any irritation.

Sensitive skin: With sensitive skin you will definitely want to start out a facial cleansing brush routine gently, perhaps limiting it to once a week. Consider using light pressure when pressing the brush into your skin to avoid irritation. One tip is to not change too many things in your skincare routine up at the same time. Stick to changing one thing at a time, so if you have a negative reaction to the change, you can be pretty sure what the cause is. This is a good tip for all skin types, but can especially help those with sensitive skin find products that are right for them. Also consider using the lower length of time from the instruction manual for your specific tool to minimize the chances of irritation.

Pros of facial cleansing brushes

Facial cleansing brushes pack a ton of benefits into a compact package. The bristles are designed to be easier and more effective than cleansing by hand, helping clear out things like dirt, grime and dead skin cells. Using one can actually help exfoliate dead skin cells quicker than daily face washing alone, and helps your skin look healthier. (You may find the massage-like scrubbing motion of the bristles feels like an at-home facial.)

Interestingly, because facial cleansing brushes clean deep into the skin and help keep pores clear, they have a symbiotic effect with the rest of your skincare routine. Since there isn’t as much foreign material blocking the pores, there is greater surface area on the skin to absorb the skincare products you use. Bonus, right?

Finally, the exfoliating effects of the facial cleansing brush can help tighten the skin and actually reduce the visible size of your pores.

Tips for introducing a facial cleansing brush into your routine

It’s important to remember that like most treatments, the benefits are often not felt overnight. Make sure you find the frequency, pressure and time spent brushing that’s right for you. Sensitive skin may be irritated by pressing too hard or if the brush rotates too quickly. The Proactiv Pore Cleansing Brush includes different settings for low and high speeds to give you the custom experience that’s right for you. The charcoal brush head includes soft, tapered bristles that are designed for a gentle deep cleansing with very light pressure. It’s ideal for acne-prone skin.

You’ll be getting frequent use out of the facial cleansing brush you choose, so you’ll want something that’s comfortable to hold and handle. Since facial cleansing brushes can boost the effectiveness of the rest of your skincare routine, you may also want to expand your routine to include other proactiv products. In that case, you can consider joining proactiv’s membership program, which offers special discounts on all of your products, including the Proactiv Pore Cleansing Brush.

Make sure you always clean your brush after every use to prevent bacteria from settling in. Rinse the brush in warm water and use a brush cleanser. And don’t forget to replace your brush head every 60 days.

Should you use a facial cleansing brush while breaking out?

It’s fine to use a facial cleansing brush while breaking out, so long as the breakout isn’t severe.

Remember to always use light pressure to avoid further irritating an area that is already irritated with acne, and don’t overbrush. Using a facial cleansing brush on acne is a situation where less is more!

The bottom line

Facial cleansing brushes offer many benefits when used properly, such as a massage-like scrub that clears foreign material from your pores making your skin appear more healthy-looking. No two people are the same, so make sure to customize your brushing to what your skin requires. The multiple settings and ergonomic design of the Proactiv Pore Cleansing Brush offer a great place to start, especially if you become a member.