Shower routine for treating body acne

Even though you may have been showering for most of your life, you probably haven’t considered the best practices for properly washing your body. For instance, did you know washing too much or scrubbing too hard can actually intensify acne symptoms? Putting together a shower routine that attacks problem areas for acne with the right combination of cleanser, soap and body wash for your skin can make all the difference. You’re about to learn how to properly wash your body, a premium body wash for body acne, body acne treatment and how to get rid of body acne.

How to properly wash your body

Properly washing your body doesn’t require anything particularly out of the ordinary. It’s surprisingly straightforward! The basic idea is to establish a list of "must wash with soap or cleanser" areas that produce a lot of oil, like your underarms, groin, genital area, hands, feet, chest and back. (Check out why is my chest breaking out for more information on chest acne.)

You should be particular about the areas of your body you include in the must wash with soap or cleanser category because washing too much can actually stimulate your body to overproduce oils. And overproducing oil is one of the factors that leads to acne formation.

Finding the shower routine that’s right for you by focusing on the fussiest areas of your skin is vital, especially if you’re fighting body acne. Make sure to consider your skin type to pick out whether a soap or cleanser (or both!) is best for you. For sensitive or dry skin, you’ll be best off with a "fragrance free" gentle cleanser. If your skin tolerates soap well, you can experiment and find your favorite!

What is body acne?

Acne is caused when oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and sometimes bacteria get trapped and clog the inside of your pores. When this occurs in pores on your neck, chest, shoulders, buttocks and back, we refer to it as body acne. Most people choose to focus first and foremost on facial acne because the face naturally produces a lot of oil and is difficult to hide when you experience an outbreak. But while you can often hide body acne much easier, it’s just as treatable as acne on your face!

Many factors can contribute to an increase in body acne, such as increased stress levels. More stress means more of the stress hormone cortisol, and that can make your body produce more oil. Wearing tight clothing, especially during exercise when you’re more likely to sweat, can force dirt and debris into your pores. Dirty sheets and towels can also lead to additional body acne by keeping the bacteria, sweat, dust and oil accumulation against your skin. Consider regularly cleaning your towels and sheets as part of your wider skin care routine! Check out more tips on dealing with body acne.

A premium body wash for body acne

The Proactiv Acne Body Wash is the premium choice for dealing with body acne. It includes smooth exfoliating beads that gently lift away dead skin cells to help keep them away from your pores, while its special formula uses salicylic acid to help unclog pores and reduce oiliness. It fights the breakouts you’re currently experiencing, while setting up your skin to try to avoid future breakouts.

If you want additional help after your shower targeting hard-to-reach areas that are particularly prone to breakouts, such as the back of your arms, thighs and buttocks, consider Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads. These 3-inch pads are easy to apply to acne-affected areas. They come packed with powerful salicylic acid and glycolic acid to help keep your pores clear of cellular debris, clear up acne blemishes and exfoliate your skin for a smooth-looking complexion.

Bath vs. shower

It probably won’t come as a massive surprise that showers tend to get you slightly cleaner than baths. The stagnant water from baths doesn’t wash away sweat, dirt and oil as well as the running water from a shower does. If the tub itself is dirty, the water you bathe in can lead to an infection if you have an open cut. So, it’s very important to clean the tub frequently if you want to bathe. That being said, baths can be relaxing and feel like a well-deserved treat after a long day.

The bottom line

Everyone has different areas they struggle with when it comes to acne, so the shower routine that’s right for you may be different than everyone else’s. As long as you are locating your problem areas, washing them often with the right cleanser, soap, or Proactiv Acne Body Wash, cleaning the acne-free areas primarily by the running water of the shower and showering as soon as possible after a sweat session, you are doing it right!