Alchemee Supplier Code


The Alchemee Code of Ethics sets out our values and principles for business conduct. The Supplier Code ("the Code") allows us to enforce the Corporate Business Principles by establishing the standards (below I-VIII) that we require our suppliers, their employees, agents and subcontractors ("the Supplier"), to adhere to when conducting business for Alchemee LLC ("Alchemee"). It is the Supplier's responsibility to communicate these requirements to their employees, agents and subcontractors and to train them accordingly.

By accepting the Code, the Supplier commits to ensuring that all existing and future agreements or business relationships with Alchemee comply with the provisions contained herein.

I. Business Integrity

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

The Supplier must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Improper Advantage

In all activities, the Supplier must never, directly or through intermediaries, offer or promise any personal or improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business or any other advantage from a third Party, whether public or private, nor must the Supplier accept any such advantage in return for any preferential treatment by a third Party.

II. Environment

The Supplier must operate with respect for the environment and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the country where products or services are manufactured or delivered.

The supplier should do his utmost to reduce and even eliminate emission sources generated by his activities, to preserve natural resources (water and non-renewable resources), avoid or minimize the use of hazardous substances and when possible promote waste recycling or re-use.

III. Labor Standards

Prison and forced labor

The Supplier must under no circumstances use or in any other way benefit from forced labor. Likewise, labor in the form of indentured servitude is prohibited, as is the use of corporal punishment, confinement, threats of violence or other forms of harassment or abuse as a method of discipline or control. The Supplier shall not utilize factories or production facilities that oblige work to be carried out by unpaid or indentured laborers, nor shall the Supplier contract for the manufacture of products with subcontractors that engage in such practices or utiIize such faciIities.

Child labor

As referenced by the international convention for children's rights (art.32) and the OIT convention (art 138 and 182), the use of child labor by the Supplier is strictly prohibited, as it places children at risk or can compromise their schooling or negatively impact their physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Working hours

The Supplier must ensure that his/her employees work in compliance with all applicable laws and mandatory industry standards pertaining to the number of hours and days worked. In the event of conflict between a statute and a mandatory industry standard, the Supplier must comply with the one taking precedence under national law.


The Supplier's employees must be provided with wages and benefits that comply with national and local applicable laws and binding collective agreements, including those pertaining to overtime work and other premium pay arrangements and other social protection related terms.


The Supplier shall implement a policy that conforms to the applicable law prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment practices on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, age, physical ability, national origin, or any other legally-prohibited grounds.

IV. Safety and health

Workplace Environment

The Supplier shall provide employees with safe and healthy working /housing conditions. At the very least, potable drinking water, adequate sanitation, fire exits and essential safety equipment, access to emergency medical care, appropriately lit and equipped work stations must be provided. In addition, facilities must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the standards set by applicable codes and ordinances.

Product quality and safety

All products and services delivered by the Supplier must meet the quality and safety standards required by law. When conducting business with or on behalf of Alchemee, the Supplier must comply with the Alchemee quality requirements.

V. Animal welfare

In the case where the supplier is required by law and regulations and in the frame of his assignment to conduct animal research, he must ensure that the animals are treated in a humane and ethical manner, with minimal pain and stress.

The use of animals in testing should be performed only after considering the possibility of reducing the number of animals and using non-animal models and alternative technologies whenever possible, in compliance with industry/government regulations.

VI. Confidentiality

The supplier shalI take the appropriate measures to properly use and protect the confidential data related to Alchemee.

Confidential information shared by Alchemee shall be treated in such a way that its non-disclosure can be guaranteed.

VII. Alchemee representation

In the case where the supplier is elected to represent Alchemee against third parties or institutions, the supplier is required to respect the dispositions and principles of the Alchemee Code of Ethics.

VIII. Audit and termination of the supply agreement

Alchemee reserves the right to check the Supplier's compliance with the Code. Should Alchemee become aware of any actions or conditions not in compliance with the Code, the company reserves the right to demand corrective measures. Alchemee also reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any supplier who does not comply with the Code.