What causes hairline acne and how to treat it

While it’s easy to assume that pimples only form on the cheek and chin areas, hairline acne is a real thing, and its causes may surprise you. That being said, if pimples on your hairline are one of your top acne concerns, ahead, we’re diving deep into what causes hairline acne and sharing some treatment options worth exploring in order to keep those annoying breakouts at bay.

But before we talk about treatment, let’s get into those hairline acne causes, shall we?

Common causes of hairline pimples

If you always find yourself wondering why you get pimples on your hairline, the answer depends on the person asking. However, there are several commonly-known hairline acne causes that are easily fixable. These include the hair products you use on a daily basis, as well as using shared workout equipment and unremoved sweat after working out.

To be more specific, while hair care products are essential in maintaining good hygiene, some of our favorite products can have a greasy or oily consistency, which can clog the pores and lead to pimples that appear on the forehead, hairline, and back of the neck area. That said, unclean hair can bring other challenges, like dirt and oil which can spread to pores along your hairline and forehead. So, consider using only non-comedogenic hair care products and not overdoing it.

Exercising regularly is an important part in maintaining optimal human health. However, if you are prone to developing breakouts, be aware that any sweat that isn’t removed from the skin can bring breakouts to the forefront. Using shared equipment — especially equipment such as helmets — can also ignite acne flares, making it important to wipe off equipment before using it. Similarly, as you work out, make sure you have a clean towel stashed into your gym bag, as a clean towel can help remove excess sweat from the hairline and forehead areas. Just don’t rub the towel onto your face too hard, and remember to wash your face after you’ve finished working out.

Hormones can also be a cause of hairline acne. These include hormones known as androgens, which are in charge of oil production in the body.

Hairline pimple treatment and tips

Thankfully, treating hairline acne is very doable. Switching to oil-free and non-comedogenic hair products is a good place to start, as these products won’t clog the pores and cause breakouts to appear. Similarly, if your hair is oily, keep it clean and stop hairline breakouts before they wreak havoc.

Also, modifying your day to day habits can help keep hairline acne under control. Changing and cleaning your pillow cases, bedsheets, and blankets frequently, for example, can prevent the oil and bacteria lingering on these surfaces from seeping into your hairline’s pores. And finding a good skincare routine that you stick to every day is essential.

The bottom line

Wherever skin is, acne can occur, and the hairline area is not off limits. Hairline acne can be caused by several factors, which include hormones, the hair products we use, unremoved sweat, and shared workout equipment. A few simple substitutions in your daily and weekly routine might be all you need to keep those pesky pimples away. And remember, when in doubt, ask your dermatologist.