8 skincare rules beginners should know

If you’re new to the world of skincare, welcome! We’re so excited to help you navigate the many ingredients and products that should be in your beginning arsenal. When it comes to skincare, it’s sometimes easier to prevent than it is to correct. Here, we’ll take you through the top 8 skincare rules for beginners. (Non-beginners welcome, too!)

Rule 1: Determine your skin type

Before you begin slathering on products left and right, you need to identify your skin type to find the right beginner skincare routine. To do so, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and don’t apply any of your other skincare products. Wait a while after washing and examine your natural skin texture and tone closely. If you look in the mirror and see that your skin is shiny, you have oily skin. If your face is red, flaky, tight, or irritated, you have dry skin. If you find you have patches of shine and patches of irritation or redness, then you have combination skin.

Rule 2: Abide by the order of application

Moisturizers and serums and toners – oh my! Believe it or not, the order of which you apply your skincare is very important. As a general rule of thumb, always apply the thinnest product first like your serum and finish with a SPF of 30 or higher with UVA and UVB protection rain or shine. Proactiv actually creates the routine for you to make it even easier to know what products go together and in what order you should apply them – like your cleanser, toner and treatment.

Rule 3: Never pick

Even if you have a glaring whitehead on your cheek, don’t pick or pop it! Picking or attempting to pop a zit can lead to scabs, scarring, dark spots, and in some cases ¬– even infection. The same goes for a cut or a scratch. Leave it alone to avoid running into skincare problems later on.

Rule 4: Exfoliate, but don’t over exfoliate

Gently slough off dead skin cells at least once per week with a manual exfoliator to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Removing skin cells, dirt, and oil in this way will also keep your pores from becoming clogged. Try a Proactiv daily routine like the Proactiv®+ Acne Treament System. The three-step-regimen is designed to work together to help clear up your skin and keep it that way. The Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is triple threat — benzoyl peroxide kills acne-causing bacteria, while exfoliating beads and glycolic acid help to gently resurface the skin. Whatever you do, don’t over exfoliate oily skin. Believe it or not, exfoliating too much can make your skin even more oily. It’s all about balance.

Rule 5: Change parts of your regimen with the seasons

Ever notice your skin gets a bit oily in the summer and dry in the fall? A skincare routine for beginners (and everyone, really) should change slightly with the seasons. We’re not saying you have to switch up your entire regimen but consider a little extra moisturizer during the colder months.

Rule 6: Have patience

These days, we’re all about instant gratification, but noticing results from a skincare routine takes time. Stick with it!

Rule 7: Always wear SPF

Sunscreen is a nonnegotiable part of your regimen, so make sure to apply an SPF 30 or higher with UVA and UVB protection each morning rain or shine. Not only does wearing SPF help to prevent skin cancer, but it also helps to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more skin conditions as you age.

Rule 8: Embrace a retinoid

Adapalene Gel can be found in our ProactivMD® kit — it’s a prescription-strength retinoid without the prescription and it works by attacking breakouts at a cellular level. Your stubborn acne won’t know what hit it.

The takeaway

As a beginner, skincare can seem overwhelming, but if you follow some simple skincare rules and tips, you’ll be set up for long-term success. Good luck and have patience!