Tips for sticking to a skincare routine

Wondering how to create a skincare routine you’ll actually stick to? Finding the right formulas for your skin is only half the battle. Healthy habits, even for a daily face routine, can be hard to stick to with everything life throws your way. So, here are some expert tips to make it easy to follow a healthy skincare routine, daily.

Tip #1: Keep all your products in one place.

Even if you have a ton of products, try to keep the ones you use daily all together in one spot so you’re not always wasting time searching for them. You can keep your daily products easily accessible by lining them up on your bathroom counter (perhaps on an awesome tray) to make them super inviting.

Tip #2: Set a reminder.

In this fast-paced world, having automatic reminders to do important things helps keep us from getting sidetracked and forgetting to do them. This can keep you from saying "I’ll do it tomorrow" when you’re several episodes deep on a binge watch in bed. Think about setting an auto reminder on your phone for a friendly reminder to take care of your skin.

Tip #3: Stick to the basics.

Did you know that many people skip doing their facial routine completely out of fear of not doing it to perfection or being overwhelmed with too many products? The ProactivMD® 3-Piece System covers all your skincare needs and is easy as 1-2-3! It comes with an Ultra-Gentle Cleanser to help wash away dirt, oil and debris without drying out your skin, an Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer to support a strong and defensive moisture barrier, and Adapelene Gel, a prescription-strength retinoid (no Rx required) that attacks and helps prevent breakouts on a cellular level and restore a more even skin tone.

Tip #4: Make skincare a spa experience.

It’s easy. Play some music, put on a spa headband to keep your hair out of the way and your healthy skincare routine becomes a ritual that helps the stresses — and your skin’s built up grime — melt away as you start and wind down each day.

Tip #5: Take a before photo and progress pics along the way.

Even if it’s just for your own eyes, taking a before photo and progress pictures in the same spot and lighting helps motivate you to keep going because what’s more motivating than results, right?! Then, you’ll never again have to ask the question, "How do I stick to a skincare routine?"

Tip #6: Get the products in your healthy skincare routine on autoship.

Did you know that people who receive skincare products on a regular schedule are more likely to use them daily? That’s why proactiv offers a convenient and budget-friendly membership so you’ll receive your whole healthy skincare routine at your door at just $1 per day (excluding S&H, cancel anytime), and never run out of the products that keep your skin looking clear and healthy.

The bottom line

If you’re looking to keep your skin healthy for the long term, find the easy-to-stick-to proactiv® acne treatment system that’s right for you and incorporate these tips into your daily routine for skin you’ll be proud to show off.