What to expect from your acne treatment

Starting a new skincare routine to target your acne can be both exciting and daunting. You may wonder if you’re using the right acne treatment products for your skin and if any side effects are normal or not. Read on for helpful tips on what to expect on your journey to clear skin with your proactiv acne treatment.

Start with a patch test

A patch test involves applying a quarter of a pea-size amount of product to a tiny spot on your face that’s somewhat hidden such as under your jawline or behind your ears to see if any irritation, bumps or redness arises in that spot within 24 hours.

If your skin shows an extreme reaction to the patch test, you should immediately discontinue use and consult your doctor if your symptoms do not subside.

If no irritation occurs, you’re good-to-go and you can continue application as directed for each product. But should you expect side effects?

Common side effects

While many people don’t experience any side effects at all, there are some side effects you may want to keep an eye out for, especially because you’ll be using products with powerful ingredients.

While your proactiv acne treatment system is busy exfoliating your skin’s surface to help you avoid clogged pores, helping to reduce oil production and fighting against bacteria that leads to acne, you may experience flakiness, peeling or redness.

But don’t worry as these potential side effects usually only occur during the first few days or weeks of use while your skin adapts to the new products.

Staying motivated during your acne treatment journey

These days, we expect a quick-fix for so many things in life. But consistency is key for lasting results.

Think of it this way. Your current breakout has been in the works for weeks underneath your skin before you even see it. So, when you start your journey to clear skin with proactiv, you’re not just treating your current breakout. You’re also working on preventing breakouts that have been developing beneath the surface of your skin and helping prevent future breakouts from starting to develop.

In the beginning, it helps to focus on what is improving instead of what’s still left to improve to stay motivated. If you take a before picture and one each week, you’ll definitely notice the improvements.

Don’t worry if you have a few setbacks along the way such as falling asleep in your makeup or skipping a face wash here and there. The important part is that you stick with it and get back on track when you fall off.

Getting excited for results?

Keep reading to learn what benefits to expect in what timeline from each of our proven acne-treatment systems.

How proactiv acne treatment products can help + results to expect

Proactiv Solution® for oily and combination skin, features Benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria and glycolic acid, an exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid that helps unclog pores.

Week 1: You may experience some slight dryness, flaking or irritation which is totally normal.

Week 2: Your pores are getting unclogged and your skin’s texture may start to feel smoother!

Week 3: Your blemishes are starting to heal and you may already notice a more even skin tone.

Week 4: Your skin should be feeling softer and looking healthier with fewer breakouts. Occasional flare-ups should be healing faster.

Week 5: Your skin tone should look brighter and you may notice a reduction in new blemishes.

Week 6: You’re well on your way to clearer skin and you’re in (or close to) maintenance mode. Keep it up!

Proactiv+® is a system of gentle yet effective acne-fighting formulas for sensitive skin, featuring nourishing formulas to target acne while keeping your skin hydrated. Plus, with our Smart Target® technology, benzoyl peroxide dives directly into pores killing acne-causing bacteria while minimizing dryness and irritation.

Week 1: As your skin gets acclimated, you may experience dryness or slight irritation, which is normal.

Week 2: 80% of Proactiv+ users saw results after just 2 weeks. It’s that fast! Your pores may start to appear smaller and your skin’s texture is already becoming smoother.

Week 3: You may notice any blemishes that arise healing faster.

Week 4: Your skin may be starting to look more even-toned and radiant.

Week 5: Your skin should be looking clearer and healthier each day.

Week 6: You’re enjoying more clear skin days, the appearance of your post-acne marks is starting to fade. Keep it up to enhance and maintain your results!

ProactivMD® helps treat stubborn breakouts and the inflammation and redness that often appear alongside them. It stars Adapalene Gel: our prescription-strength retinoid that works on a cellular level to help clear skin, while helping restore even tone and texture by clearing acne. This innovative system is tough on breakouts but gentle on your skin thanks to our soothing cleanser and gentle, hydrating moisturizer.

It’s important to note that, with this system, some people may experience dryness, redness, and irritation known as retinization while your skin adjusts to the Adapalene Gel. The best defense is to generously hydrate with the included moisturizer both day and night as part of your skincare regimen.

Retinization is a normal part of the process and side effects typically start to subside by Week 4, so stick with it for your best results. If irritation becomes severe and overly bothersome, stop use and ask a doctor before using the product again.

Week 1: You may already start noticing improvements and a new glow.

Week 2: You may start to already see a reduction in acne. If your skin is flaky or if you’re experiencing retinization described above, be extra generous with the Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer included.

Week 3: Your acne is continuing to clear and you may still experience dryness as the Adapalene works hard behind the scenes to clear your pores.

Week 4: You should be experiencing less frequent and less painful breakouts and any retinization should be subsiding.

Week 5: Your skin will start feeling smoother and more even-toned with diminished breakouts.

Week 6: You’ll start seeing the clear-skin results you’ve been seeking and with continued use, your results should get better and better!

The bottom line

By choosing proactiv, you have chosen proven systems that deliver results. Just pick the system best for your skin type and stick with it to achieve clear skin that stays clear.