5 reasons you need Proactiv

Are you sick of dealing with acne and trying countless acne-products that just don’t work? Ready to finally solve some of your acne issues and meet your skin care needs? Then it’s time to achieve and maintain your clearest skin with a proactiv acne treatment system. Take a look at these 5 reasons you need proactiv for acne — and then let your exciting journey to your healthiest-looking skin begin!

  • 1.) It’s proven to work

    Wondering if the random products you may be combining are really taking care of your skin? Millions of satisfied customers all over the world have treated their acne with proactiv acne treatments. (Check out some of these reviews!)

  • 2.) It’s safe

    Proactiv offers dermatologist-developed and dermatologist-tested treatment systems. Each system contains clinically-proven ingredients so you can successfully take care of your skin.

    Our Combination Therapy® approach helps attack acne at each stage of its cycle, while simultaneously nourishing and soothing the skin. The products in our 3-step systems include cleansing, exfoliation, acne treatments and moisturizers that all work synergistically to keep your skin healthy – so you don’t have to worry about irritation or overly dry skin, further exacerbating your acne and skin issues.

    We also include detailed information on how to ramp up to using our prescription-strength products and even have an acne treatment system designed for sensitive skin, called the Proactiv+® Acne Treatment System.

  • 3.) It’s affordable

    When you subscribe, you’ll get all kinds of membership perks — and your chosen system of product delivered every 90 days for just $1 a day (less S&H).

  • 4.) It’s convenient

    No more having to search the isles for products that work together. Proactiv is delivered right to your doorstep on your schedule so you don’t even need to remember to reorder it or panic about running out.

    Plus, you won’t have to worry about matching up ingredients in products wondering if you’re putting too many active ingredients on your skin or if your ingredient combo in the products you choose will make you break out worse. All the hard work is done for you with our synergistic 3-step systems. All you have to do is choose a system based on your skin type and use the products. It’s all your skincare needs in one proven, simple-to-use system.

    Plus, we’re just a phone call or email away through every step of your journey and you’re covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee (less S&H,) leaving you nothing to lose but the acne.

  • 5.) Treats even your stubborn breakouts

    Our dermatologist-tested systems include one with a prescription-strength retinoid (no prescription needed) to fight stubborn acne. The ProactivMD® 3-Piece System not only delivers on its promise to solve your toughest acne problems but even improves the appearance of post-acne marks and evens skin tone. Now that’s a win-win!

The bottom line

There are countless reasons you need proactiv, but hopefully these five give you a good idea why signing up for proactiv subscribes you to consistently clear skin. Bonus? You get a free Pore Cleansing Brush designed for acne-prone skin when you subscribe. Don’t say "one day", make this "day one" and order your proactiv acne-fighting system today!